The QuestEdit

Death told Scarlett she would need a weapon called a Moonblade, which he has hidden for her, to defeat the Undead Archon.


  • The Concealed Final Will - There's a mysterious clause in the Will that mentions a blade that is hidden and can only be seen by "the one without family".

Fulfilling the QuestEdit

Before leaving her hometown, San Pasquale, Scarlett should go to the old forest hut, probably as part of A Favor for The Blacksmith. There, she should talk to the feuding duo, Don and Nesto, and agree to help them by finding The Concealed Final Will. When she reads that lat testaent, she'll find that there's a mysterious clause in it that bequeaths a blade that is hidden and can only be seen by "the one without family".

One Scarlett has read the Will, however she decides to resolve that, Don and Nesto will accompany Scarlett into the hut. They will open the locked gate for her with a dazzling display of their elite mechanical skills. In the room beyond the gate, Scarlett will find the Moonblade in the obvious niche.


Scarlett will now have her legendary Moonblade.

Add 100 points to Scarlett's Experience. No change to Reputation.

Related QuestsEdit

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