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Venetica Cheats

Add more with F-keysEdit

Submitted by. RM

Use a text editor to edit the "keybinds.ini" file in the "game" directory.
Add the following lines to the file:

// cancel running cutscenes
//KC_RETURN = CutsceneMgr:cancelCutscene()
KC_F1 = player:set(_N("Health"),"1000")
KC_F2 = player:set(_N("Mana"),"1000")
KC_F3 = player:set(_N("DeathEnergy"),"1000")
KC_F4 = player:set(_N("Money"),"1000000")
KC_F5 = player:set(_N("LearningPoints"),"1000")
KC_F6 = player:set(_N("AttributePoints"),"1000")
KC_F7 = player:set(_N("Reputation"),"2000")

Then, press one of the following keys during game play:

Key Result

[F1] - Health = 1000
[F2] - Mana = 1000
[F3] - Death Energy = 1000
[F4] - Money = 1000000
[F5] - Learning Points =1000
[F6] - Attribute Points = 1000

[F7] - Reputation = 2000

Get Armor/WeaponsEdit

KC_NUMPAD0 = Cheats:givePlayerWeapons()
KC_NUMPAD1 = give(_N("item_armor_derwish"))
KC_NUMPAD2 = give(_N("item_armor_guard"))
KC_NUMPAD3 = give(_N("item_armor_persian"))
KC_NUMPAD4 = give(_N("item_armor_african"))
KC_NUMPAD5 = give(_N("item_armor_final"))

For reference, the starting armor is
KC_NUMPAD0 = give(_N("item_armor_casual"))

And the dress in the introduction
KC_NUMPAD0 = give(_N("item_armor_dress"))

If you want specific weapons rather than all, follow the format for the armor. Item names can be sourced from
That folder contains the inventory icons for items, which contain their reference name. So for example -> give(_N("item_armor_african"))

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